Where’s the Jam? Right Here!

The Bluegrass and Blue Water Cruise Alaska is a floating jam session at sea. Our experience with other music cruises has taught us that folks of all ranges of talent like to get together and jam.  We have seen seasoned professionals jam with novice players to create a magical experience for all involved. Besides the scheduled shows by the featured showcase artists, there will be dedicated areas set up for jamming and special collaborations for all of those who are interested in joining a jam.

If you don’t play, but enjoy listening, no problem, there’s still plenty of music for you!  Watching the jams can be very entertaining. You will get a few laughs and enjoy some great music and may find yourself singing along. No matter if you play music for a living or just play for fun, bring your instrument and plan on getting together for some Pickin’ on the Pacific, for some good old fashioned, porch playing fun.
Below is just a few parts of the music package that are included, see you on the board!

  • 3 Concerts by your host band Nu-Blu, including there “History of Bluegrass” Show that’s been a hit with audiences all over the USA.
  • Ever want to learn Banjo?  Here’s your chance, Deering Banjos and Nu-Blu will be hosting classes on beginner banjo, so come get your roll on!
  • Jam with the band – enjoy multiple chances to jam with Nu-Blu throughout the week
  • Workshops – Nu-Blu will be hosting workshops throughout the week (banjo, guitar, bass, mandolin, vocal, playing as a band, the importance of tuning by Peterson Tuners)
  • Individual Lessons – sign up for individual one-on-one music lessons (limited amount of lessons available, so be sure and book your room early)
  • Daily Jam Sessions
  • Open Mic Band Contest